Discover the Ross Neely Difference

Look …  We don’t have a “recruiter”.  Any company can hire someone to speak well over the phone or on social media, make crazy promises to a driver and tell them whatever they want to hear.  At the end of the day most of these folks know very little about trucking or the challenges you face on a daily basis.  Our Safety Director, Greg Quick, was a former over the road driver.  He will be your first point of contact and be with you throughout the hiring process.  Give him a call today, shoot him an email or fill out the quick online app and he will reach out to you.

Open Door Policy

We at Ross Neely have a legitimate open door policy to address any concerns you may have during your employment.  From the Owner, to Safety, to Payroll  and everyone in between you will have direct access throughout your employment.  All of us here recognize that without our drivers we wouldn’t have a job.

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